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Record Protection

× Protect all of your database records for any databases start as low as $69.99/day to protect up to 200,000 sensitive records. "Record Protection" also includes the "Who Read My Data" and "Auto Block Access" products included. This product is automatically linked to the "Who Read My Data" and also does the "Auto Block Access". This product will allow your system to auto block users from accessing unauthorized data once implemented and help you to block/un-block user from accessing your system and to compliance with regulations beyond HIPAA, PCI and GDPR compliance. Try our product for 60 days for free without obligation, after 60 days you will be billed by monthly/quarterly or annually.
Small Website
Medium Website
Large Website
Enterprise Website
Protect Records200,000 records500,000 records1,000,000 records7 million records+
Max Storage10GB20GB40GB80GB+
Client Data Config1% - 99%1% - 99%1% - 99%1% - 99%
Mobile Notification
Admin Notification
Security Control
Auto Block Access
User Security
Group Security
DYI Tutorial
Integration $TBD
Cloud Storage
In-House Hosting