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Criminals are working tirelessly 24/7 to break your infrastructure and steal sensitive data.

Nearly all companies infrastructure have been compromised.
Most companies don't have enough man power to defend most intrusions!
We are here to help to defend your data.

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Why use Split Encryption products?

To protect your data, we take your data then encrypt it with multiple encryption keys, then we split the transformed data and keys into multiple sections and we distribute it to your server and our servers. Only a defined percent of your encrypted data and key will be distributed to your server and the remaining of the data will be stored on our data servers. We use a random encryption key for each record. The data NEVER store 100% of your data anywhere on our data warehouse or any full encryption keys on any servers. Nobody will be able to reconstruct your sensitive data without reconstructing all of the data from multiple servers. By default, we only allow the IP(s) from your server to decrypt your data, only your server can decrypt your data, no hackers can decrypt it from any other IP addresses. Our products reach beyond HIPAA, PCI and GDPR compliance.

Decentralized Data Center

Your data will be stored on multiple servers. Your data is unusable to intruders. Your data center(s) and our data centers will never store 100% of your encrypted data or encryption keys, only the partial data will be stored at each data center.

Auto Block Access

The system will block users from accessing data once they reached the threshold that is defined by you. You can control your employees and the public individually.

Instant Notifications

Send push notification to mobile applications, admin portal, and email before we lock down your user from accessing your sensitive data.

Can you guarantee your data is safe from cyber attack and can't be decrypted from cyberthreat? We can! As of now, nobody can decrypt our clients data or our data, even we can't decrypt the data on servers. Why and How? To decrypt the data, you would need to have all of encrypted data from multiple servers and all the encryption keys and to be on the whitelist to decrypt the minimum of 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). We restrict access based on individual usage by IP and/or user account.

Our Engineers said "Yes, we can protect our clients by dividing the encrypted data and encryption keys. As of now, it is impossible for anyone to reconstruct and decrypt the data with our algorithms!".

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The system will automatically alert key users by email, mobile application, and the admin web application to automatically lockdown intruders.